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Winter 2008

  • Impact of Credit Crunch on Energy Markets
Avoid Hitting the Panic Button
Credit Crunch Reducing Liquidity and Prices
Crunch Time for EU Energy Markets?
More Volatility in the Carbon Market

Autumn 2008

  • Energy Price Trends and Price Volatility
Expected Falls in Electricity and Gas Prices
Impact of Market Structure on Energy Prices
Trends in European Gas Markets
Uncertain Outlook for EU Carbon Price

Summer 2008

  • Physical Data Transparency
Transactions Reporting and Monitoring
Limiting the Burden of Market Monitoring
Striking the Right Balance Between Transparency and Confidentiality
Comprehensive Approach Needed For Market Regulation

Spring 2008

  • The Future Role of Energy Exchanges
Expanding Role Envisaged for Energy Exchanges
Markets of Choice Are the Secret of Liquidity
Power Exchanges: Key component of a liquid wholesale market
The Future Role of Power Exchanges: A regulator’s view
Power Exchanges: A Key Contributor to European Market Integration
The Evolution of Exchanges: An OTC perspective

Winter 2007/08

  • Carbon Trading
Firmer Price Expectations for Phase Two and Beyond
What Lies Ahead for The Carbon Market?
Risk Of Low Carbon Price
Will We Learn From Experience?

Autumn 2007

  • Market Coupling
Market Coupling: Key to EU Power Market Integration
Market Coupling: A Preferred Solution for Cross-Border Power Capacity Utilisation
Market Liberalisation: Conditions for Effective Unbundling
The Third Package: A Structural Diversion?

Summer 2007

  • European Gas Markets
EU Gas Market: Turning Hopes into Reality
Decisions Pending on EU Gas Capacity Trading
Conditions for a Liquid Gas Market: North American Experience
EU Gas Market Integration: Is more transmission Capacity All that is Needed?
German Gas Market: More Integration and Liquidity

Spring 2007

  • Developing Energy Markets

Market Players Support Ownership Unbundling and More Transparency
Ownership Unbundling: The Views of European Regulators
Call for Regional TSO in the EU Electricity Market
European Energy: The Rise of Markets and Economics
Energy Market Reform: Short on Detail and Political Commitment

Winter 2006

  • Financial Trading
Energy Market Volatility Driving Growth in Financial Investment
Financial Trading - A Boost to Energy Market Competition
Commodity Investment - Impact on Energy Derivatives

Autumn 2006

  • Carbon Trading
Uncertainty Over the Future of Carbon Trading
EU ETS: A Success but a Threat of Excess Supply of Allowances in Phase Two
Politics Hinders ETS Progress in Central and Eastern Europe
Key Issues Surrounding the Future of Carbon Trading in Europe

Summer 2006

  • European Gas Trading
Slow Progress Expected on European Gas Trading
Need for Regional Approach to Secure Effective Competition
How Long Can Long Term Gas Contracts Survive?

Spring 2006

  • Market Transparency

Mapping the Route to Market Transparency
Market Transparency - Pushing for a Breakthrough
Data Disclosure Needs in the European Electricity Market

Winter 2005/06

  • Power Auctions
Power Auctions - The European Experience
Reversing the Decline in UK Power market Liquidity
Market-Based Congestion Management on Belgium's Borders

Autumn 2005

  • EU Emissions Trading (ETS)
Evaluating the Performance of the ETS
Will the ETS Survive its own Success?
EU Emissions Trading - Review and Prospects

Summer 2005

  • LNG – Prospects for the Future
LNG - Prospects for the Future
Supplying Growing European Gas Demand
EU to Punish Restrictive Business Practices in LNG Contracts
Spring 2005
  • Securing Energy Supplies in a Liberalised Market
Securing Energy Supplies in a Liberalised Market
Growing Threats to Energy Security

Winter 2004/05

  • Removing Barriers to Cross-Border Trading
Congestion Management - Issues, Opinions and Solutions
Removing Barriers to Cross-Border Trading
Market Solutions for Cross-Border Power Transmission Access