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In the late 1990s MA advised various Barclays business centres on how best to promote and sell corporate financial services. This has involved market research, corporate identity, brochures and on-site displays, direct marketing, media relations, computer systems and marketing and sales training.

Engineering Council

MA advised the Council on all aspects of marketing and communications. This has involved advice on the structure/operation of the internal marketing/PR department, and the creation/execution of a major campaign to promote the importance of professional qualifications throughout industry.

Excel Airways

MA advised one of the UK's leading providers of leisure flights to the Mediterranean, Excel. This involved researching the market for online flight and accommodation booking services, predicting future demand for online travel bookings and evaluating the websites of leading booking agencies. Our desk research was supported by interviews with market influencers and other participants.

Guardian Insurance (AXA)

In 1995, MA devised and implemented a national market research project amongst a large sample of small firms and insurance advisers. The aims of this major quantitative and qualitative survey were to test attitudes and reactions amongst small firms to the current provision of risk management advice and insurance with a view to developing and marketing a whole range of new products and services.


IBM are a leading provider of e-commerce services to the world insurance industry including the London Insurance Market Network which carries over 30 million electronic transactions a year.

MA were commissioned by IBM to help devise, market and promote the launch of a new enhanced Ringmain for the London Market. This involved focus group research, the creation of product and website information, sales training and media PR.


Ofcom’s declared strategy is to increase competition in the UK telecoms market and encourage the expansion of broadband services via local-loop unbundling (LLU). To help facilitate the appropriate regulatory approach to this area, MA were commissioned to conduct a programme of research to analyse (a) the future development of internet broadband services in the UK, (b) the likely demand for LLU based services, and (c) the investment plans of companies investing in LLU.

English Heritage

In 1993, MA were asked by the Chairman to advise on and help implement English Heritage's new Forward Strategy which was announced in October 1992.

This involved advising on the content and timing of a number of major initiatives covering local conservation areas and historic site management. Our work involved detailed policy advice and communication with politicians, civil servants, local government, the media and general public, the preparation of marketing materials and a complete revamp of the Annual Report and Accounts.